This is about to happen 2020 to 2025?


The Virtual Office

Marty:  Look, Andy, at least come to the meeting wearing VR clothing. I know you like medieval times. Pretend it’s second life, and tell your VR Marvela to dress you in some sparkling blue-green coat of anodized aluminum. You know, like the chain-mail that knights of old used to wear, only finer.

Andy: I’m in my natural state, always up, awake, and ready for our mid-morning gab session with the bean counters.

Marty: Okay, bro, I get it. I’m using Sir-iah, and I look great! I’m at the office dressed to the heinz. I have octopi tentacles for fingers, my head is the swirling atmospheric mass of Jupiter, and my body is an asteroid cargo fuselage. I’m sitting on some rockets, and when I leave this VR office, I will fire them off, because later today I’m climbing into the cockpit of my JP Aerospace Ascender and heading up to Dark Sky Station Twelve for a jaunt to my mining ops in the asteroid belt. Be back to work in seven years or so, because of a little excursion I’m planning beyond the belt with an experimental fusion drive.  Have fun at mom’s tomorrow.

Q: When will each of these cool things show up? Some quite soon. See Comments for the Answers.



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