JP Aerospace Update Sept 2021

Amazing load of facts about the whole prep, launch and recovery experience. And most interesting to me was the Hazel project that was lost in obscure bids when the SR-71 won the go-ahead. The Hazel proposal broke the rules of physics then supposed in the intuition of many scientists. Why did the SR-71 Blackbird win the bidding? Ask Lockheed. They are often in the know about large US government contracts. What exactly happened way back when? Thank our lucky stars for SpaceX crowding into the competitive field. I pray JP Aerospace can make sense of the Hazel proposal, and construct a Hazel prototype to learn from. It should prove exciting, and eye opening.

Through Smoke & Covid to the Edge of Space

New for this launch video is the amazed spontaneous outburst of the delighted peanut gallery, and the video clip of the launch from the tear panel puller’s viewpoint. Notable is the smooth launch release in nearly zero wind conditions, and the view of smoke instead of the ground. The smoke went from horizon to horizon. Recovery was unusual because the landing was on a broad flat plain instead of on the usual mountain top. Watch for parachute deployment. It shows briefly at the top of the screen, some time, minutes perhaps into descent.