Watch High Wind Balloon Launch

The whole ness requires coordination. In 2011, with wind gusting to 45 knots, JP tripped just at launch, and broke a rib. Notice the people sitting on the right hand side of the launch bag. Without them, the wind would have pushed the balloon to the right while inside the bag, making balloon release problematic and unpredictable.

Sci-Fi Writer’s Dilemma Solved

On top of Cle Curbo’s 1st Place win in Sci-Fi last year (2021), his next Sci-Fi book is a fantastic thriller, Quest for Sylvane. If you’re looking for action, this one has it. Here’s more about it, the back cover blurb.

To prevent alien rule on Earth, Sylvane Langtree enlists Bert Bostin, an innocent and naive Earthman. Speeding to warn Watchers Council of Earth’s takeover, Sylvane is abducted by Farian, who insists she is the missing third goddess of his planet, Esthar. The ultra-secretive Rieceh grab Sylvane and whisk her to distant beta-Goltim to lure Farian. Evading Rieceh agents on beta-Goltim, Sylvane flees, only to fall into a trap set by Farian, who sends her to sleep in an ancient castle on Esthar until Queen Iiana grows in power. Bert rescues Sylvane but is caught by the Hag. As Sylvane transforms into goddess, she realizes that only her power can save the Earth.

Other exciting fiction currently available.

A Twist in the Path Experimental

How does a rocket scientist get thrust and ISP all in a single engine? Answer: they don’t. These tests and turns in the search for perfect Ascender propulsion depend on five aspects of the final prototype, a Symphony Engine. At different flight regimes the engine delivers electrical power or extra thrust needed to attain sufficient orbital altitude.