Bird’s Eye View

The roving arial camera captures a revealing view of the launch, and the launch facility at JP Aerospace’s Area-42 in Nevada. The name came from a salute to Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and the fact that the facility is 42 acres in size.

Bel, the Polite Synth Mind

Bel requires set commands be politely spoken and confirmed, otherwise she won’t respond. As we learn to live and work with synth minds, JP seems to have concluded that mutual respect, civility, is necessary to smooth and safe operation of the submarine he’s operating.

Another Crazy Remote Location

It’s a big broad desert valley east of Hwy 80 in Nevada. Here’s where we launch the packages people send us. About a third of the way to orbit consistently, or we relaunch for free. From PongSats to Minicubes, to Cubesats by grad students, it’s serious, satisfying work-fun. JP Aerospace has also flown the only one of its kind FAA certified dirigible. A previous dirigible set the world high altitude record for dirigible flight when it reached 95085 feet MSL. Its great fun, and promotes the experimental path to a green, low cost method of achieving orbit. – L Paul Turner, author of The Space Trade, and The Space Trade Update.

To be a participating supporter to JP Aerospace at no cost, visit and choose the videos link to subscribe to John Powell’s YouTube channel. To gain exclusive rewards from your support, visit his Patreon page. Thank you to space doers, and hopefuls. We live in exciting, fast moving times.

Space Chair Launch

The creative people of Grey of London let us give Toshiba of Europe a space chair launch. The shot looking down at the car trail of dust is one of the best unplanned interferences. We still don’t know which denizen of the Black Rock desert was driving it.

Good Night, Moonbase

Noted aerospace engineer Brett Hoffstadt loved, as many have, Goodnight, Moon, a beloved children’s book. Now we are seeing a move to the moon this decade, and increasing interest in matters of space venturing. In November, 2021, Brett will publish, “Good Night Moonbase.” To kick off this event, he’s giving anyone free access to get an associated coloring booklet. Get yours free at

Wind Causes Wind Ramp Deployment

The strange 3 tube construction is a wind ramp, designed to create a pocket of no wind, or at least to reduce gusts to light breezes. All this for the goal of inflating the Ascender-36, not shown. The inflation was partly successful, about 3/4 of the V-shaped ascender was puffed up. Videos of that ascender are on the JP Aerospace YouTube channel. Best way to access it, go to and click on Videos.

Three Stage System to Orbit

John Powell, JP Aerospace, created the system to space. Only the last stage is left untold, the release of the Orbital Transfer Vehicle (Space Ferrycraft) from the wing of the orbital ascender. The ferrycraft climbs to a spinship in LEO, or is grabbed by a larger OTV, which hauls the ascender-released ferrycraft to, for example, a translunar spinship (aka, turnship) where mined space resources are refined. See, also, “The Space Trade Update” on Amazon. – Paul