Talking balloons with an aerospace engineer! – Good Day Sacramento

Here’s the direct link to balloon expert JP explaining the Chinese balloons. Note: in 2011, JP Aerospace launched a steerable balloon (dirigible) which reached 95,085 ft MSL, setting a new world record for dirigible flight. His 18000 free student experiments to the edge of space were launched by 200 or more separate balloon missions.

Update: Chinese Spy Balloon Over US. Have we figured it out?

John M. Powell coming to us from provides a different approach to the Chinese balloon mystery. My own take is that it’s just one of the many thousands of weather balloons launched every day. They pass by overhead and no one seems to notice them. The video gives a balloon expert’s opinion. JP has more than 40 experience in aerospace and has lifted over 18000 student experiments to the edge of space, using balloon systems.

For space economics, read The Space Trade at

Chinese Balloon Hard to Shoot Down

As John M. Powell explains in the video, the Chinese balloon is likely above 100 thousand feet above sea level. No plane with bullets can reach that high. Even if a fighter jet could send bullets through the balloon, the bullet holes are small and would take hours and probably days to down the balloon and its package. By then the balloon could be over Chinese territory again.

A missile may not be able to spot the tiny radar signature of the balloon, and if a missle exploded the balloon cargo, the resultant debris would be difficult to gather and take a long time to analyze. JP’s four decades plus of rocketry and balloon experiments provides an authoritative voice for all things traveling the skies. More videos at Click on the Menu to find Videos.

We Live in 5 Dimensions+

Chris “The Brain” got my attention with this new conceptual door which opened and pulled me through to the other side to understanding 5 dimensions in a new way for just me? No. He got an extended flurry of comments. Instead of a nap, listen to Chris. If you fall asleep just replay it with a cup of coffee in hand. Tell me it’s not worth it.