Astronaut Stories: The Day Deke Slayton Met JP, or Vice-versa

Here’s a personal tale which very few people know about. It includes one of the first private sector business approaches to space dev and rocket launches, and it stars Astronaut Deke Slayton and John M. Powell of JP Aerospace, when Elon Musk was only a gleam in the eye of space hopefuls. Elon, you’re the right man for the right time to space out. Timing is everything?

Another Black Hole, Unusual Jets from Centaurus “A” Galaxy

The Centarus “A” galaxy is a little over 13 million light years away from our own Milky Way galaxy. At about 43 degrees southern declination, it’s seen best by those down under, notably radio telescopes in Australia. Very long jets spew out, eventually reaching millions of light years in length, like a pair of outstretched arms, though not welcoming ones. Anton Petrov weaves the tale in short order, as he does so well.