Major Items Prior to Launch

These are some of the major, basic items JP Aerospace uses before every launch. I fully anticipate John Powell revealing more of the specific checklists, such as balloon fill, and systems check as his production studio ramps up.

Small, Gentle Rocket

Do not go gently into that dark night. Yet, go too forcefully and the fabric envelope will deform. This is the confinement paradigm when your airship is made of simply sewn material. So small scale, the forces are slight. As we scale up, and the airship has greater mass, we can excite and move the plasma at greater velocities. Adding a number of components, not shown here, we orchestrate the Symphony engine, which powers the Orbital Airship (Orbital Ascender) to rendezvous altitudes.

Last? Launch from Black Rock

This great team found and retrieved the high rack after it’s journey to the edge of space, probably saving a good number of student experiments in the form of PongSats. This may have been one of the final launches from the Black Rock desert from our usual spot north of Gerlach, Nevada.

What Happens When You Rise Too High

If I rise to high, will I burst? At 63,000 ft, the blood”boils.” This balloon was much higher. Can a person rise too high in business life? Is what’s too high for me, the same as what’s too high for you? Will I burst if I get too successful? Why did I once fear success, but don’t so much now? Let me get back down to earth. This is just a balloon burst.