future news

This is CapnT from the 23rd century. Just want to thank all those Pongsat experimentalists, who sent their pingpongs filled with their experiment to the edge of orbit with JP Aerospace. Most of you were in K-12 school at the time. Just about all 18 thousand Pongsats were recovered by 2017.

More importantly, your space endeavors led, in the 22 and 23rd centuries, to the cure for the common cold, fusion power, faster-than-light travel, and eventually to time travel, which is why I know about all these amazing advancements.

Here I am defending the Pongsat program against the overbearing rulers of the 24th century. The picture was not HD because I was transmitting on a hyperchronobackloop waveform, to prevent the 24th century Smugcranks from intercepting my call. They finally did spot the transmission and attacked. Thank goodness for my Arachnid, Arachne, who helped me escape. I always did like people with the hubris to challenge the universe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Nf5XX85RAg  (the volume needs help) (this was the first video capture of the man from the 23rd century, CapnT in his native element, outer space).