A Twist in the Path Experimental

How does a rocket scientist get thrust and ISP all in a single engine? Answer: they don’t. These tests and turns in the search for perfect Ascender propulsion depend on five aspects of the final prototype, a Symphony Engine. At different flight regimes the engine delivers electrical power or extra thrust needed to attain sufficient orbital altitude.

Surreal and Giggly

This one was fun to write. Five short stories, four of them definitely sci-fi, and the fifth one is arguably so. Though published in 2014, the book got kudos in 2021, when it took 1st Place in Sci-Fi for self-published e-books in a Writer’s Digest contest. See, the May/June, 2002 issue of Writer’s Digest to catch their blurb on the book. Here’s one of many places to get it: https://www.discountmags.com/magazine/writers-digest-may-1-2022-digital

ML Hamilton Speaks on Publishing

Join us via Zoom on Monday, April 11, 2022 from 7-9:00 p.m. PacificTime. We’re in California, but you could be anywhere. Zoom address is on page one and two of the Sacramento Suburban Writers Club April, 2022 Newsletter. ML Hamilton is the author of 60 books over the last eleven years. I calculate that’s one book every two months, and she’s had 300,000 sales. She’ll tell us a bit about how to currently publish your work.