Cargo Run to the Edge of Space

Away 97 and 98 were launched from Area Trombone in the middle of the Nevada desert. The music of the spheres accompanies us on the journey to the final heights where the sky is dark, and the earth is curved. A medium wild ride on the way down. Parachutes did deploy correctly. The final landing is the expected crash to the desert floor. The parachute slowed the craft sufficiently to prevent major damage to anything but the carbon frame members. The look of the high rack is its usual disheveled appearance after falling, to sleep in the sand like the proverbial white dove of the song Blowin’ in the Wind by Bob Dylan.

Watch “Submarine Work” on YouTube

This is a functioning ai system which acts as executive officer, safety officer, and sub crew. Bel, the synth mind sub will test new depths as JP Aerospace (the guys standing around aiding external testing) transitions Bel to actual in water tests. Once completed, Bel will be transferred to the latest prototype high altitude crew capsule, where she will control all essential life support functions. To support our work, please enter this space: Thank You.

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From a contract with NASA at age 17 (Deke Slayton was kind enough to tell JP over coffee that NASA can’t contract with minors.), to a scheduled space shuttle launch, to the 175 ft Ascender for USAF (my buds), to MHD, to the new ascender designs, this one man and helpers Space Program needs your support (exclusive updates for supporters). Be a small guy space program supporter at

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With the lack of gigs during Covid times, JP has established a Patreon account, where supporters receive exclusive launch updates, MHD experiment news, build session results, and the airship to orbit journey to the stars, as well as special edge of space reporting from the workshop and from the JPA Area-42 remote desert launch complex. Be an active supporter of independent space efforts: