Another Crazy Remote Location

It’s a big broad desert valley east of Hwy 80 in Nevada. Here’s where we launch the packages people send us. About a third of the way to orbit consistently, or we relaunch for free. From PongSats to Minicubes, to Cubesats by grad students, it’s serious, satisfying work-fun. JP Aerospace has also flown the only one of its kind FAA certified dirigible. A previous dirigible set the world high altitude record for dirigible flight when it reached 95085 feet MSL. Its great fun, and promotes the experimental path to a green, low cost method of achieving orbit. – L Paul Turner, author of The Space Trade, and The Space Trade Update.

To be a participating supporter to JP Aerospace at no cost, visit and choose the videos link to subscribe to John Powell’s YouTube channel. To gain exclusive rewards from your support, visit his Patreon page. Thank you to space doers, and hopefuls. We live in exciting, fast moving times.

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