Can’t we all just get to Orbit?

This is the time for all hopeful people to get their own garage (or warehouse) and start building our future in space. Prime example, JP Aerospace in little Rancho Cordova, California. So many breakthroughs in so little time. First Dark Sky Station testing, first FAA certificate for an Ascender, world record altitude for dirigible flight (95,085 ft MSL), first and only live weblink from the edge of space while allowing thousands of people around the globe to present messages with earth curving in the background (seen by millions around the world), and first tandem airship lift of flowers to space. Oh yeh, and more than 18,000 student experiments to the edge of space, all free to the students. Well, that’s why I follow John Powell of JP Aerospace on social media. One is allowed to join, and volunteer services. Volunteers get to build airships, and spaceships, eventually. Oh, I almost forgot Bel. She’s the synmind command chain for the submarine, a prototype for the Ascender and Dark Sky Station crew capsules. Point is, a guy and his garage. Well, he does have help from volunteers of all sexes and ages and backgrounds. None of us make great things happen all by our lonesome. We just need more visionaries. Care to join us?